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Professor Ursula James has written the textbook on hypnosis and hynotherapy that is required reading in most of the medical schools of the UK, and self-help books that use hypnosis to help you change your life in amazing ways.

The Soul Midwife: A blistering Gothic novel that explores the rights to choose your life and your death
Price: 12.99

Foreword by Ernest Rossi, and contributions from experts in many associated fields. A more thorough primer than ever.
Price: 26.99

The Source is now available in paperback.
Price: 8.99

At last - an answer to weight control that doesn't require a diet
Price: 9.99

Donate 2 to charity, and get a copy of You Can Think Yourself Thin with a personalised greeting signed by Ursula James.
Price: 11.99

A must buy for anyone who wants to change their life.
Price: 9.99