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Controlling Anxiety CD

Controlling Anxiety CD

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If you have a phobia, or find yourself getting anxious for no obvious reason, this CD will help you in three specific ways: It reduces the anxiety by teaching you how to relax; it gives you a technique for dealing with the situation that made you anxious, and it breaks the habit of anxiety.

Altogether you will have a way of dealing with the situation in a much safer and more appropriate way.

This CD is also available as an MP3 download.

Price: 15.00

Controlling Anxiety CD

All of Ursula James' CDs use clinical hypnosis; a safe and effective way of making real, beneficial change.

The CDs contain simple, safe suggestions, and only those that are beneficial to you will be accepted. Nobody can make you do anything against your will. In fact, these CDs increase your personal control, enhance your ability to relax and help you to respond in a more confident manner generally.

When listening to the CDs you will be physically relaxed and mentally focused. You will hear and remember everything that is important to you, and you will only take on board suggestions which are positive and safe for you.

These audio CDs contain only the relaxing sound of a human voice - no distracting music or white noise has been added.

Enjoy the benefits!